Maritime Vessel Tracking Intelligence & Insights

VesTrak is an advanced vessel tracking system , enabling you to have a clear view of the location of your fleet around the world, assisting in the decision making process by combining inputs from available weather data, identified piracy areas, special areas identified as per the various MARPOL annexes and is useful in reviewing the passage plan for the intended voyage as required by SOLAS Chapter V, Regulation 34. VesTrak boasts an array of exciting vessel tracking features with interactive user interfaces, advanced vessel search, track movement history, passage plans & distance calculation between points on chart, weather forecast and port information with attractive visual representation and specific information related to your fleet when linked with other OceanManager solutions.

Get Timely Alerts

Standard and Customized Notifications

Realtime Decision Support System

Make quick decisions based on vast information inputs

Advanced Vessel Search

Find what you need with advanced filters

Vessel Route Calculations

Helps you calculate your route and distance

Vessel Incidents

Track and Log Vessel Incidents

Track Vessel History

View vessel history
to compare and plan anew

Vessel Position & History

View the current and past position of your fleet

User Defined Area Alerts

Define custom regions and be alerted upon arrival

Routing & Distance Calculation

Plan your routes taking into account utilizing all available methods at your disposal

Vessel & Port Search

Use our intuitive search tool to locate a vessel or port

Explore More

Explore more features of Vestrak

Port List

Find any port location along with detailed information anywhere in the world

Zone Alerts

Customize your alerts and be notified when the vessel is entering high risk zones

Weather Overlay

Monitor the weather conditions that may interfere during your vessels voyage

ENC-TX97 Overlay

Enable ENC overlays to monitor your vessel’s route using updated navigational maps.

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